Welcome To Immanuel Lutheran Church and Student Center

Immanuel means “God with us” and it is a name we believe to be true of our congregation. For over 100 years, Immanuel Lutheran in DeKalb has experienced God’s love while also sharing that love with others through Word and deed.

At this time Immanuel is an approximately 650 member congregation located on the west side of the city of DeKalb, and member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Nestled in the heart of Northern Illinois University territory, Immanuel has always had an eye for “campus ministry.” Farm folk, “town folk”, students, professors and others all worship and serve side by side in God’s family here. In recent years many suburban styled housing has been built bringing many new and young families to our community. Immanuel serves this population through our Little Lambs preschool as well as through regular Christian education programs such as Sunday school and “family ministry programs.” Our worship services can be heard on the radio (am 1350 WLBK) at 10:30 am every Sunday or streaming live on WLBK’s website. The radio broadcast has been an ongoing service since 1950!

Immanuel’s mission, “Connecting people to Jesus,” can be seen in the many ways Immanuel and her people, are involved in our community at large. From making Braille Bibles sent around the world to regular work with helping agencies such as Hope Haven homeless shelter, the We Care Pregnancy Center, Habitat for Humanity, Camp Power and the Salvation Army we believe the love of Jesus is spread in Word and Deed. Our members also live and serve in DeKalb’s elderly care facilities and are valued voices of wisdom. Across the ages and generations, the people of Immanuel invite you to join us, reminding you that “God with us, yesterday, today and tomorrow” includes ALL people. We pray that we may be His presence to you, as you are to us.